Call ducks


It is a lively, endearing little bird with a small body and short bill that calls to you from its perch. The word “kooi” comes from the Dutch word for “trap,” which means “catch.” A high-pitched call that travels a long distance distinguishes them from other birds. The ducks were used by hunters to entice wild ducks into traps or shooters by attracting them to them. Tied to the entrance of the traps were some tame ducks, and the more “calling” the ducks did, the better the results.

The Call duck is a direct descendant of the Mallard duck, though due to selective breeding, they have shorter bills and a smaller body than the Mallard duck. Call ducks were extremely rare in the first half of the twentieth century, but they have recently risen in popularity and are now winning more duck championships than any other breed of duck.

Call ducks are animated and talkative in their behavior. In the event that you are considering keeping a few Call ducks, make sure to consult with your neighbors first. They are clean and tidy birds, and if provided with clean water and nutritious food, they will maintain their good health. They are also relatively easy to control. The drake should weigh between 550 and 700 grams and the female between 450 and 600 grams.

Call ducks come in a variety of colors and patterns. The ten standard colors are as follows: Apricot, Bibbed, Black, Blue Fawn, Dark silver, Magpie, Mallard, Pied, Silver, White, and White with dark silver trim. But in Golden Feathered Aviary, White and Pied are the most selling varieties you can find

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