Shipping & Delivery

We transport every day, The air terminal is just an hour and a half away from our office. All live birds are sent via Airlines as they were. We don’t send by USPS this is unlawful so kindly don’t inquire.

The birds are pressed in extraordinary transportation boxes with unique water compartments and a great deal of food to keep them alive simply in the event that there is a postponement in the flight times. Love Knows, No Age, Race, Colors, or Creed. Our rundown changes every day. Email for more data or pictures.

At Golden Feathered Aviary, we endeavor to give you uncommon client care from start to finish. Our accomplished staff gets long periods of information from the birds delivering industry and can help with making your delivery experience as lovely as could be expected. We will likewise disclose everything to guarantee you of your pet’s security all through the delivery cycle.


A Specialist will initially hope to see where the nearest air terminal is to transport your bird. (We just boat birds on carriers that execute a Pet Safe Program) After picking an air terminal, we will start organizing all timetables and contemplations. We will at that point book your flight and send you an email agenda of the entirety of the occasions, flights plans and get/Delivery area. When the entirety of the administrative work is rounded out and your bird is checked in at the air terminal, you will get an email as well as a call telling you how everything is going. During the day of the flight, we will ceaselessly be refreshing you on the advancement of the flight plans until your bird shows up securely in your arms.

Your bird will show up in a shiny new aircraft affirmed confine/carton with spongy sheet material and a food and water dish.

All parrots are flown in the under divide part of the airplane which is a protected temperature-controlled climate.

The cost will cover all costs with the exception of a refreshed wellbeing declaration. (This would be paid by the buyer and additionally the reproducer).

Any charges owed as a result of flight undoings will be the duty of the person who gets the bird.


To start your delivery cycle or reserve a spot, Email us or round out our contact structure here!. Each parrot we delivered will be taken care of with extraordinary consideration, love, and empathy by one of our Shipping Specialists.

We will facilitate flight times with our client an hour/days ahead of time before the bird is being delivered (assuming it doesn’t rain). The client is provided with the aircraft, flight number(s), air waybill number, and flight appearance time preceding takeoff.

It is suggested that the client shows up at the air terminal no later than the normal flight appearance time so your bird isn’t sitting right at the air terminal for any period of time.

For the situation where the conveyance is to be done at home, the client is prescribed to be at home at the predetermined hour of conveyance.

We will contact our client by and by upon the arrival of shipment before the bird takeoff from our Farm/aviary. A return call, text or email to Welch Exotic Birds Farm telling us that the bird(s) showed up securely is incredibly refreshing.

All deals are last when the birds are dispatched. There are no returning birds. We have a 72 hour cutoff of warning, subsequent to conveying of the birds, of any passing at the mark of conveyance, indicated on the request. A quick examination is important to guarantee harm didn’t happen during transportation and the birds are alive at conveyance. We will supplant the dead bird or discount the expense of the bird promptly, yet not the transportation cost.

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